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Golf & Business

Stubborn Bias Persists in Golf and Business

This is not a diatribe on bias against women. But it is difficult to not notice the similarities between some of the struggles of female golfers to earn respect and continuing bias in the....


Cornbread Across the Continents

It would be difficult to find a home in the southern United States that does not have multiple bags of cornmeal in the pantry. The reason is quite simple. Cornbread is a beloved food...

Sustainable Travel

Medieval Castles, Quaint Villages and Stories of Count Dracula Greet Visitors in Transylvania

Mention Transylvania, and eyes widen as people immediately delve into its relationship to blood-thirsty vampires. While there is a connection between Transylvania and Count Dracula, it is not what..


Corporate Sponsorships Combine Branding, Relationship Building and Community Service

Brand sponsorships are everywhere and take many different forms. They have focused on charities, sports and special events, but sponsorships now include deals like paying to put the company...

Social Media

Innovate the Innovation Process to Become Truly Transformational

Big spend on R&D is always justified as the path to innovation and improved financial performance, but is it? Financial performance of investments in new products and services is a key...