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3M Manages Change as Opportunity for Inclusion

As a global company, 3M is challenged with managing constant change in diverse markets around the world. Its strategy begins with a vision communicated to the workforce and supported by a framework for adaptability.
By Belinda Jones

Operating a global company in a diverse set of countries and markets is extremely complex and challenging, requiring global strategies that enable the company to thrive in change. For 3M, the focus is on developing success strategies which include developing leaders who look beyond corporate survivorship and building a high–performing and diverse global workforce. The vision is supported by a framework that develops individual skills and competencies of employees around the world, guided by six 3M leadership behaviors, and embedding diversity and inclusion in everything the company does.

Marlene McGrath, senior vice president, 3M Human Resources, shares the 3M story in order to provide insights into the strategies t...

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