Global Summit of Women: Pursuing Global Gender Parity at High Levels

The 2019 Corporate Women Directors International (CWDI) report focused on female board directors in Fortune Global 500 companies. The news is mixed with progress made year-over-year, but gender equity remains elusive.
— By Sharon Ross

The long-term struggle to achieve gender equity in the board room continues. The Corporate Women Directors International (CWDI) organization, founded by CWDI President Irene Natividad, sponsors the prestigious annual Global Summit of Women and also publishes the annual CWDI Report on Women Board Directors. The 2019 report focused on female board directors of 104 banks, insurance, and mortgage companies in the 2018 Fortune Global 500 ranking of the largest corporations. It is a good news-bad news report.

The good news is that the large majority of financial institutions included in the report have female board directors. The bad news is that women still account for only 24.7 percent of all board director posi...

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